Immersive Virtual Reality Training For Manufacturing Environments
Custom and Lean Manufacturing Simulations


Simulation systems have been proven to enhance training and has been used extensively in the aerospace industry for many years. Recent innovations in technology have dramatically reduced the cost and expanded the capabilities of simulation systems. Consumer grade hardware such as the HTC Vive immerse the user in a 3 dimensional landscape that allows for full movement of the entire body within a room.


Imagine replicating a work cell just for training purposes entirely in the digital domain.
Put on the headset, earphones, grab the controllers and you are immersed in 3-D representation of your work cell. Walk around freely with full 360 degree movement, grab and place objects, use tools such as a drill driver and feel the vibration and hear the sounds when you squeeze the trigger. The immersive feeling is so real that sometimes users drop the controllers thinking they are placing them on objects in the 3-D space.
Hear the sounds of your plant in the background, get similar responses to activities such as beeps and updates on screens that take place within your work cell. Watch the takt time come down as trainees get hands on experience using the proper sequence of operations. Improve quality by building in poka-yoke mechanisms into the simulation.


Screen new employees and cross-train existing employees without disrupting the production line.
Improve employee participation, understanding and involvement in Lean with hands-on simulations
Experience, optimize and train across multiple facilities without travelling to the site.
Attract tech savvy employees and retain them with ongoing training.
Improve productivity and quality by optimizing operations with proper sequencing, improved layout and design.

A Flexible Solution

We are a team of experienced manufacturing executives and talented software programmers that can build a custom simulation designed specifically for each operation. We work with your engineers and management team to create a solution based on your objectives. Our Lean manufacturing programs are oavailable off the shelf and work in most Lean training situations.

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